Edge to Edge quilting is the most cost effective choice, and is priced from $0.015 to $0.04 per square inch. Edge to Edge quilting uses simple all over patterns such as meanders, swirls, waves, loops, arcs, hearts, or stars. Edge to edge is a good choice for busy quilts that need something attractive and understated to hold them together.

Custom quilting is priced from $0.04 to $0.40 per square inch, based on the intricacy of the designs.  Custom quilting treats the body and the borders of the quilt separately. It might also include ditch, echo, channel, crosshatch, motif, stippling, and color block quilting.  Custom quilting prices are based on the the complexity of the time and work required.

Other Services

Half Binding with Straight Edge is $.14 per linear inch and includes making double fold binding from fabric you have supplied and machine stitching it to the front of the quilt, so that you can hand stitch it to the back.

Full Binding with Straight Edge is $.27 per linear inch and includes making double fold binding from fabric you have supplied and machine stitching it to your quilt, and sending the quilt home completely finished.


Stitched in 4” to 6” parallel lines of easily removable basting stitches. Basting is priced at  $.009 per square inch.


I will press the quilt top or the  backing for you. Priced at $10.00.

Piece Backing

You provide the pre-washed backing fabric and include it in your package and I will stitch it together for you. Priced at $10.00 per seam.

Squaring Backing

I will square your backing for you. Priced at $10.00.

Additional Services

Keepsake Pockets

Giving the quilt as a gift? You supply pieces of scrap fabric from the quilt top and I will attach to the back, a pocket with a Velcro flap to hold whatever you like...perhaps the story of the quilt, or scraps of fabric for future repair, or a special note or letter from you. An especially nice finishing touch, priced at $35.00.

Hanging Sleeve

The hanging sleeve is sewn to the back of the quilt. You provide the fabric. It will hold a dowel for hanging on the wall. Priced at $15.00

Custom Embroidered Quilt Label

A machine embroidered quilt label can be created just for you.  Priced at $45.00

How to Estimate the Cost

Pricing is based on the quilt top’s pre-quilted square inches:

To calculate square inches:

Measure quilt top length & width.

Multiply length by width.

Example:  56W x 78L = 4368 square inches

Multiply the square inches of the quilt top by the price of the pattern selected.  

For this Basic Edge to Edge example:

4368 x $0.015 = $65.52

Preparing Your Quilt

Please be sure that your backing and batting are 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all four sides.

Keep all layers separate.

Do not pin or baste.  

Make sure that the top and backing are squared with no ragged edges.

Remove selvages and snip all loose threads.  

Carefully press the top and the backing.

Mark the top of the backing and the top of the quilt top with a safety pin.

No embellishments. They interfere with the machine quilting process.

I can use your thread if it’s appropriate for quilting. Otherwise there is a standard thread charge of $8.00. Changing thread colors, specialty threads or metallics incur extra charges and will be quoted by the complexity of the work.

Quilts are booked by appointment only. Contact me to schedule a studio appointment.  Call 434-645-9117 or email pat@autumnelam.com

About Longarm Pricing and Services

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About Me

My first sewing lesson was at the local Singer Sewing Store in the small town where I lived.. I was 12 years old. I had already been sewing clothes for my Tiny Tears doll for about 3 years, when my mother agreed to let me have real sewing lessons at Singer. I was so happy, and by the time the classes had ended I had learned so much. From there my sewing followed me everywhere.

When I went off to college the machine went with me, and I used it to express my creativity in many ways. I was a fine art major. And later, when I got my Masters degree, the machine was still with me. I mean the same machine. In fact, I used it to sew for my 3 children.

Before retirement I managed the design department for a busy textile company. Now, I manage my own home based studio in South Central Virginia where the focus is on longarm quilting, developing quilting patterns, and publishing ebooks.

Autumn Elan Heirlooms is my home studio business name.  AutumnElan is my trade name signature mark and is used to identify my artistic work and designs.  My name is Patricia Kaszycki.